PMflex [ FI ] |


Our values

We are inspired and guided by our mission “to take care”:

  • of the installers who use our products by pro/ing them with solutions which make their work easy, fast and safe
  • of all the people who live, work and move around in the buildings in which our products are installed, guaranteeing the highest levels of performance and safety
  • of the environment in which we live. We work according to eco-friendly methods and only produce eco-compatible products
  • Our Staff

    The reason we can call ourselves the leading sector-based company in Europe is only due to the talent, ideas and spirit of enterprise of all the people who work in PM every day.

    Hands, arms, minds and hearts which work as one, united by a harmonious vision and, above all, driven by the same enthusiasm.

  • Research

    Here in PM, we have a strong belief: don’t wait for the future, get ahead of the curve and cultivate it.

    Which is why we never stand still. We continually invest in research for new products and materials, as well as in the development of cutting-edge technology because we are convinced that innovation is not possible without constant, meticulous research.

  • Safety and respect for the environment

    In PM, we work with the desire to improve the world in which we live, by raising the bar for safety and strictly adhering to the principles of environmental sustainability.

    We strive to offer our customers cutting-edge products, which meet the standards for safety, usability and environmental protection. What exactly do we do? Lots of things! For example, we are committed to reducing the quantity of plastic we use to manufacture our products by recycling 100% of the waste material from our factories and continually improving our capacity for using raw materials with a very low CO2 impact.